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5854 Ellsworth Avenue

Pittsburgh Shadyside, PA

We are proud to have worked with the designer and developers for this relatively small and affordable project in the upscale Shadyside section of Pittsburgh.

Designed by Bill Durkee of Lorenzi Doods and Gunnill Architects for a local real estate investment firm, this project added a whole new building on to an existing building. The original windows were replaced with heavy commercial historical double hung windows. The new addition utilized butt glazed curtain wall, standard curtain wall, aluminum storefront, and various window trim components to provide detail. In order to maintain affordability, no custom components were used. All of the insulated glass was stock tints and low E coatings. Curb appeal was enhanced by the use of three different PPG DURANAR® paint colors and by adding acute and obtuse angles to the curtain wall openings.